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Do what you do best ~ Run your business

Just saying….
It can get a bit frustrating

Keep your sanity

Where did it just go?
What does it want from me??


We know what it's like to be a small business
We support you on your journey!

We’ve been in the trenches of figuring out all the components of starting and running a small business.

It can be overwhelming with all the components that need to be done.

You know your business.  But – do you know or even is your time best spent figuring out how to build an online presence?

If you are ready to increase your visibility and drive your customer sales thereby increasing revenue – then you are ready to work with us. 

Your web designer should design a strategy, competitive analysis,  SEO… then the website.

Don't make the mistake of starting at the end
~ Let's Plan ~ Let's Start ~

Web design
is not the 1st thing
nor the only thing

  • A well defined site should speak to your clients.
  • But you figure out who your clients are in strategy…. 

Analytics tell you how
people react to your site

  • Analytics will track what pages clients land on
  • But you figure out which pages should be on your site in strategy…. 

Search (SEO) is your engine
to connect
with clients & search

  • SEO targets your key-words
  • But you determine your keywords in strategy…. 

Local Search to reach
your target market

  • Local Search has certain categories to choose for your business
  • But you figure your categories in strategy…. 

What's your GOAL & how best to reach it
All other parts are built from there

  • Don't have a website?
  • Need an updated website?
  • Your website does not get any traction?

Websites can be intimidating and confusing.

  • Need good messaging
  • SEO is a whole level that needs to be added.
  • Plus, yes, you want it to look great.
  • Oh yea, and you want it to speak to your clients.
  • You want it fast…OK
  • No worries – You’ve come to the right place.