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My Mission:
Support your dreams

It’s my mission to support your business.  I have experience in owning small businesses. Plus, I love the challenge of helping businesses get found by their clients.  I use my technical and creative skills as a web developer, web designer, SEO strategist and helping highlight your secret sauce- what makes your business stand out.

I love to support others dreams. 
There’s something magical when people give it all they can to create something of value.

I know, it’s tough owning a small business – I have had several small businesses through the years myself – so I know the struggles and the peaks.

I know it is the life-blood of the USA economy. 
It’s also so amazing, as small business owners – you are an integral part of your community.  You get up early and work late, you create value from your services and products, you answer a need. 

I get emotional just thinking of the hard work that so many do to strive and thrive to be a part of their community, provide for their family, and live according to their values, talents and goals.

Why me - what's my story?

Because I've been in your shoes
and can help you on your journey

Because of my business experience AND website development experience I am uniquely qualified to help with ideas on how to differentiate your business in a competitive market and how to create the best online experience for your clients.

I started many years ago as a mechanical engineer – programming and troubleshooting machines.

My husband and I started our 1st company: fabricating and programming custom automated equipment in Massachusetts.
Then – life happens.
We had children and I needed to devote extra time for some special needs.

Fast forward, we started a hobby business doing wood products in Texas. This was mostly a family learning experience.  I hired someone to do our 1st WordPress website….gave him the money and never saw him again. 

This starts my learning of all things marketing and online web development.  I learned as I went: researching, competitive analysis, pricing models, niche opportunities.  I took classes on HTML coding and SEO, e-commerce, marketing and email.  

A major move to Minnesota and my kids are in school.  I started a fused glass teaching studio.  I did competitive analysis of the local studios.  I incorporated what I liked and created a better customer experience based,  offering something different and better.  I ran the studio for 6 years.  I did all the marketing, website, SEO, in-person and online classes.  I closed during the proverbial 2020 year.  After ending the website over 3 years ago – I still get calls and emails – that’s what a good web presence will get you!

In addition to shutting down a business in 2020, we started a new family business.  Custom metal signs – my son and husband handle all the fabrication and engineering while I handle all the marketing, web, SEO and  customer interface.  Take a search- custom metal signs in Stillwater MN – did you find it?

So, my technical skills and competitive spirit of creating a better customer experience have landed me here.  
I do understand the struggles of a small business – it’s not all glamorous, as I would ring up a sale and later take out the trash- lol.

I understand a small business owner is busy creating and running their business.  You are the expert in your business.

It is another level to create not only a website but a customer focused and SEO based site.  This takes time and experience and is usually handled better by someone knowledgable about how to do this.

You have enough
on your To-Do List